PG Programmes in Mumbai University. Learn how to apply?

Mumbai University being one of the most reputed university in Maharashtra offers several PG Programmes. This article about the PG Programs available in Mumbai University.

Note that it’s always advisable to enquire or visit the campus in person to clarify your doubts regarding PG programmes.

Here’s the address

Mumbai University

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400032

I have tried to list most of the Post Graduate Programmes (PG Courses) Available in Mumbai University.
Based on their circular, I have listed based on the stream of study

PG Programmes in Science and Technology, Mumbai University

Department names and the Programmes are provided one below the other.

1.Alkesh Dinesh Mody Institute for Financial and Management Studies.

M.Sc. Finance

2.Department of Biotechnology

M.Sc. Biotechnology

3. Department of Biophysics

M.Sc. Bio-Physics

Department of Computer Science

1.M.Sc Computer.Science
2.Computer Science with Specialization in Data Science.

Department of Information Technology


Department of Life Science

M.Sc. Life Science

Department of Mathematics

M.Sc. Mathematics

National Centre for Nano Science and Nanotechnology

M.Sc. Nano Science and Nanotechnology

Ratnagiri Sub-Campus


1.Organic Chemistry
2.Analytical Chemistry
3.Inorganic Chemistry
4.Physical Chemistry
6.Environmental Science

Department of Statistics

M.Sc. Statistics

School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (Kalyan)

M.Sc. Material Science

Centre of Excellence in Maritime Studies

M.Sc. Maritime Studies.

Mumbai University
Beautiful lighting at Mumbai University. Photo courtesy of official website.

PG Programmes in Humanities, Mumbai University

Department NameProgramme
Department of Arabic,M.A. Arabic
Centre for African Studies,M.A. African Studies
Department of Com. &JoumalismM.A. Com. & Joum.Public Relation
Department of Civics & PoliticsM.A. PoliticsPublio Policy
Centre for Central Eurasian StudiesM.A. Eurasian Studies
Department of EnglishM.A. English
Department of FrenchM.A. French
De artment of Gu’arati Department of GermanM.A. Gu’arati M.A. German
Department of HindiM.A. Hindi
Department of HistoryM.A. History
Department of KannadaM.A. Kannada
Department of LinguisticsM.A. Linguistics
Department of Marathi,M.A. Marathi
Department of Persian,M.A. Persian
Department of Philosophy,M.A. Philosophy
Department of Applied  Psychology    M.A. Psychology  
 Department of Pali,                           M A Pall Department of Russian                        M.A. Russiañ
Department of SindhiM.A. Sindhi
Department of SociologyM.A. Sociology
Department of SanskritM.A. Sanskrit
Department of Urdu,M.A. Urdu
Dinesh Mody Institute for Numismatics and Archaeology, SarojM.A. Numismatics andArchaeology
Centre For Extra-Mural StudiesM.A. Archaeology
Dr.   Ambedkar  Centre   for   Social  1. M. A. Ambedkar Studies Justice                                                2. M. A. Development Studies
Centre of Excellence in Maritñao Studies (CEMAS)M.A. (Maritime Studies)
School of international Relations & Strategic StudiesM.A. (Honors) International Relations and Strategic Studies

PG Programmes in Commerce and Management, Mumbai University

1.Department of Commerce


1.Business Management
2.Banking & Finance.

Interdisciplinary Studies

1.Department of Geography


2.Acadamy of Theatre Arts

Master of Theatre

3.Department of Music


4.Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies


Ratnagiri Sub-Centre


Department of Library and Information Science


Learn how to apply for Post Graduate Programmes in Mumbai University.

Keep looking for circular and updates in the Official website of Mumbai University.

Mumbai University Official Website –

Mumbai University exclusive portal for Post Graduate Programmes –

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