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Your story and experiences could inspire and motivate others to learn.

I created especially since I wanted to motivate students and professionals to continue to learn and upskill themselves.

The market for upskilling is booming but irrespective of that, education is something not all are good at. There should be thousands of people who don’t get enough motivation to learn. They might have got admission in an university program and left half-way. There are millions who subscribe for an online course without having enough time to learn and actually get the certification.

So I would like to collect stories and experiences of professionals who have successfully started their journey in any university or those who have completed an online course which has helped them grow in their career and earn a better living.

Note that every sentence you write should be originally written. You could also send me an video file about your learning experience which I could publish on my YouTube Channel.

Do a good karma by helping others learn the value of education.

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Venkatraman Chandrasekaran

Founder, Chandra Courses

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