Learn Figma through these online courses and become a better UX Designer

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I will be listing some of the best courses to learn Figma on Udemy and other EdTech Startups.

The first design course from Udemy I wanted to list is something which offers guidance to become better Freelance Web Designer. So here’s it.

Guys, When you click on the title of the course, it takes you to Udemy of which I am an affiliate.

1. Complete Web Design: from Figma to Webflow to Freelancing

I like the way the instructor, Vako Shvili speaks about freedom of being a freelance web and UX designer. This course is for those who cannot code but wanted to become a web and UX Designer and design beautiful web products. Vako teaches how to make super cool websites using Figma and Webflow.

No-code web design and hosting platform like Webflow writes codes on behalf of you while you simply design the website using drag and drop options. I recommend this course both for we designers and also newbies wanting to make web products and become web designers.

Vako Shvili promises to teach you freelance Web Designers’ insider secrets and how they make a lot of money doing freelancing work remotely. So take I rate Vako as one of the top teacher to learn Figma.

2. Learn Figma – UI/UX Design Essential Training

End result matters. The course instructor Caleb Kingston assures that by the end of this course, you will have a fully interactive design and prototype. You will learn to design desktop and mobile apps using Figma.

Caleb also is an expert in Adobe XD. So join this course if you want to transition from other design tools like Sketch or Adobe XD to Figma. You could be a beginner or an experienced UI/UX designer. This course certainly adds to your design skills.

3. The Complete Figma Course – Designing Mobile & Web App UI/UX

This is one of the greatest online courses for learning how to use Figma to create attractive mobile and web apps that make consumers happy.

Being a UX Designer is not just about creating websites and apps. You are responsible for creating
experiences that makes end-users love the product or the website. Through this course, Nima Tahami
helps you to learn how to create amazing experiences through UX Design as an art and science.

Like other courses, here too, you will be able to learn how to tweak designs so that you can re-use the components and styles for multiple projects. By the end of the course, you will also learn how to design a
three page Web App UI.

This course is for both beginner level designers who wanted to learn User Experience Design.
Tech Entrepreneurs can also choose this course to convert their app ideas from Sketch to a realistic Mockup.

I will be writing about more Figma and design courses on Udemy in the days to come. If you have created a Design Course or eBook and wanted to promote on Chandra Courses, Please write to me.

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