Best UX Design Courses online

I love design irrespective of me being a marketing professional. So this blog will feature some of the best UX design courses available online.

Here’s the first one from Coursera

1. Digital Product Design course: UX Research & UI Design by Rob Sutcliffe

This is one of the best courses to learn product design and also understand UX Research and UI Design. Rob Sutcliffe has over a decade of experience in Design and it’s worth learning from him.


Before we move on to the next UX Design Course, for those who wanted to learn fundamentals of Graphic design, taking a course on Graphic design principles and learning few design software would be ideal.

So here’s the course we recommend.

2. Graphic Design Specialization

This is a basic foundational course for you to learn Graphic design fundamentals. The course is available on Coursera and offered by California Institute of Arts.

More to come…


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