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I have always been passionate about guiding students and working professionals learn the right course and grow ahead in their career. Chandra Courses is a platform for you to discover the best universities for on-campus programs and also online courses for working professionals.

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How my Father made me create a platform to inspire you to learn?

This is Venkat. Chandra Courses is made in memory of my Father Shri. Chandrasekaran, who often asks me to learn. Whenever I had setbacks in my Career, my Father used to tell me that I should enhance my skills. I felt, he also likes it when I inspire and motivate others to learn and grow ahead in their career.

Through Chandra Courses, I hope to help students discover the right University programs and also online courses to enhance their skills. I also serve Universities and Course Creators to recruit more students.

What we do?

For Universities and Course Creators – Promote your course

For Students and Professionals – Share your Learning Experience

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My Story:

I write with tears Appa, I will make you live eternally through every work I do all through my life

There’s a saying that, either we should be well-learned or we should associate our-selves with the well-learned. Those who realized the value of education has certainly led a better life.

To a Father who has always lived for happiness of my Mom, Sister and me, this is the only way I could pay a tribute. Through Chandra Courses, my lovely father continues to bring light of knowledge in the lives of those who are passionate about learning.

One of the very strange thing I could remember my Father doing the last 2 years before he passed away is that, he would come to me when I do some work and say “I will teach you this”. He used to direct me to drive carefully sitting near me while we travel in my car. Even if I get irritated by his instructions, he would say “I am teaching you what’s good for you”.

Once, I was pealing off the husk of Coconut which grew from the trees in our home. It was early in the morning. I was struggling to peal the husk. He came near me and taught me how to peal the coconut without hurting myself.

He has taught me to do electrical and plumbing work at home. He also advices me on how I should behave with relatives or friends even if they don’t treat me well. Basically, he wanted to pass on all the good qualities in him to me.

Probably, he wanted to ensure that I can manage to live and keep my Mom safe when he’s not around.

There were so many such incidences which I could remember my Father teaching me. He also wanted me to do Ph.D. and hopefully I will be doing it.

Your Interviews on Chandra Courses

I will be doing interviews of Academicians, Online Course Creators, EdTech Startup founders and basically any student or professional who has excelled in their Career through continued learning.

In the long run, I wish to represent Universities for students who wanted to study abroad. Currently, I will be listing and doing interviews of those who have completed online courses as a way of enabling others to consider joining the course.

Write to me to choose the right course for you.

There are a few courses which may be expensive but I basically request you to initially try any affordable course in the particular field of interest, see if you like it and then, choose to do expensive courses.

To list your online course or if you want me to represent your university to recruit students, email me.

Venkatraman Chandrasekaran


Email – venkat@saigle.com